Natasha Pearson

Composer & Songwriter

Other Versions
Epilogue of Solitude Harp & Violin 2’21”
On the Brink Alto Saxophone, 1st Clarinet, 2nd Clarinet, & Bass Clarinet 4’09” Flute Quartet
The Truth Bowed Acoustic Guitar & Soprano Voice Variable
Microcosm Soprano Voice, Flute, Violin & Piano 4'50"
Infinity Flute & Piano 4'33"
Blugerian Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet in Bb, Trombone, Electric guitar, Piano, Bass & Drums. 2'30" (Excluding Solos) Brass Ensemble
Cellifish Solo Cello, Flute, Bass Flute, Oboe, Tenor Saxophone, Trumpet in Bb, Trombone, Electric Guitar, Piano, Vibraphone, 1st Violin, 2nd Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Drums, & Auxiliary Percussion. 4'30"
Room for Perfection Bass Trombone & Piano 4'12"
Waltz for Clare Cor Anglais, French Horn, Cello & Piano 3'39" Orchestra
Whisper Tonight Soprano & Piano 3'41"
The Best Burgers in Town Clarinet in Bb, Violin, & Piano 4'47"
Mount Kilimanjaro Bass Clarinet in Bb, Violin, & Piano 15'02"
Linger Solo Voice & Prepared Piano 12'13"
Immortality Wind Symphonic Band 13'13"
Song of Us Soprano Voice, French Horn & Piano 3'47"
Farrer Ridge Wind Symphonic Band 3'55"
Dusk Snow Hand Bells 1'36"
New Leaf Alto, Tenor, & Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet in Bb, Trombone, Guitar, Piano, Double Bass, Drums & Vocals. 11 Songs of Various Lengths
The Invitation Soprano, French Horn, & Piano 3' Approx
Ace of Hearts Solos, Duets, & Ensemble Voices with Piano 16 Songs of Various Lengths Band/Orchestra

Last updated September 2019