Natasha Pearson

Composer & Songwriter


Overview of Music Commissioning

Anybody can commission music! Purchasing an original piece of music can be a rewarding and exciting experience. Working with a living composer means that music can be tailored to your specific needs.

Some reasons you may want to commission some music;


    • You want to add a great piece of music or jingle to your advertisement
    • You want to add music to your website or promotional video
    • You want a theme tune
    • You want music in your game, film or theatre production
    • You want to show your support for the arts community


    • You want to give a friend/family member a present
    • You want to celebrate an event such as a birthday or anniversary
    • You want to support the creation of new music
    • You have a cool idea you would like brought to life
    • You want to give your favourite ensemble a new piece of music


    • You want a piece of music written specifically for YOU
    • You want a piece of music written for a unique/rare instrumentation or instrument
    • You want a piece of music that fits your upcoming program
    • You want to ask someone to play with you by getting a new piece commissioned for you both
    • You want to work with a living composer and help shape a new piece of music

    Collaborations are welcome, please get in touch with


    Chamber Music

    Chamber music for solo, small and medium ensembles. Any combination of instruments are welcomed from short pieces to longer works. Chamber works can include vocals, are typically classical or contemporary and can be suitable for ensembles, film, games, theatre, gifts or advertisements. 

    Songs/Music Theatre

    Contemporary songs and Music Theatre songs/underscoring available. Songs usually range from 2 to 5 minutes, and can be written on any topic. Lyric content can be provided or requested. Songs can be arranged for Big Band, Rock Groups, Acoustic Groups or even Orchestra! The possibilities are endless. 

    Large Ensemble Works

    Choirs, Wind Symphonies, Orchestras and other large groups. If you would like a work Re-orchestrated for your group, or a new piece written specifically for you, please get in touch! 


    All rates are negotiated according to the project and specifications requested. These rates are suggested by the Music Board of the Australia Council and can be used as a starting guide.

    Notated instrumental or vocal music

    • 1 independent line/instrument $453 per minute
    • 2 to 8 independent lines/instruments $514 per minute
    • 9 to 15 independent lines/instruments $584 per minute
    • 16 to 23 independent lines/instruments $645 per minute
    • 24 or more independent lines/instruments $717 per minute

    If a commissioned work for large forces (ie. 16 independent lines/instruments or more) has a duration of 30 minutes or more (or in the case of opera/music theatre – 60 minutes), it is suggested that the guidelines be regarded as a basis for discussion only, rather than being calculated on a ‘per minute’ basis. 

    It is suggested that piano reductions be calculated at one fifth of the relevant rate listed above (e.g. a piano reduction of a sextet would be $102.80 per minute, which is one fifth of 2 to 8 independent lines/instruments at $514 per minute).

    Please email for a quote or friendly discussion about your project!

    Last updated September 2019